Lisa Gifford

Written and starring Lisa Gifford.


Three friends. Two secrets. One night.


Paul and Jenny, an engaged couple, and Paul's best friend Rob return from an evening at the pub. As the drink flows, their conversation turns to ex-lovers, sexual conquests and tales of Rob's legendary bad behaviour. Soon, a game of 'I Never' leads all three to the bedroom, but is it really just a harmless bit of experimentation, or does somebody have an ulterior motive? Who's keeping secrets? And what happens when the night before becomes the morning after? As the saying goes; two's company...


4 Stars: The Gay Times, West End Frame

3 Stars: Everything Theatre, West End Wilma, Broadway Baby

3some the play

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The play ran for three weeks in Spring 2013 at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden in North London.  A shorter version debuted at the Camden Fringe 2012.


The play was published by Playdead Press in April 2013 and can be ordered on Amazon for worldwide delivery.


To the left is the trailer used for the Etcetera Theatre three week run in Spring 2013.