Lisa Gifford

Series 1 of 3some consists of 6 episodes written, produced and directed by Lisa Gifford. A second series has been written.


3some is a comedy-drama webseries, set in London, following the lives of three 30-somethings, Rob, Jenny and Paul. Rob and Jenny are about to split up. Spectacularly. Meanwhile, Jenny’s ex fiancé and Rob’s ex best friend, Paul, is back from a year of travelling and ready to face the mess he left behind.


The series was released for free on YouTube and has since been picked up by Blip TV, Koldcast TV, App Media Network and many more platforms. You can watch series 1 below:

3some the web series

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Episodes 1 and 2 of Series 1 can be watched to the left.


To watch the rest of the series please visit the official 3some YouTube Channel.