Lisa Gifford



Tubefilter: ’3Some’ Provides Heart From Across The Pond

"3some succeeds not through a groundbreaking premise or experimental format but by simply being well-written, full of round, developed characters, and undeniably charming."

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The Sixth Wall: The British Are Coming: A Sexually Charged, Surprisingly Relatable ITV Dramedy

"Accents aside, it’s hard to say what exactly it is that makes 3some such an inherently English rom-com. It resides in the combination of zaniness and ponderousness, two elements that almost never make it into the same American series,"

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Snobby Robot: Webseries Wednesday - 3some

"There were some absolutely wonderfully written characters in here. While 3some is a comedy, at its heart it’s a very honest story about the complexities of modern relationships. Far too often stories make characters out to be the good guy or the bad guy. While that style has its place, it rarely rings true. In 3some the characters are real, their actions aren’t based on ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ they’re based on insecurity, jealousy, temptation, regret, weakness, and alcohol."

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Web Vee Guide: 3some Review

Lisa Gifford is a wonderful storyteller. She tells this story through flashbacks, the present day, and mostly through the characters themselves.  We learn that everything that happened was part of a critical path in which each event or occurrence was dependent upon the one before, going back to the night Paul and Rob first met Jenny.

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West End Frame: 3some the play review - 4 Stars

"A laugh out loud portrayal of three friends engaged the audience during a reminiscent night of their young, fun and reckless memories."

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The Gay Times: 3some the play review - 4 Stars

"What can we say about 3some? It's an absolute must see for Fringe theatre-goers and threesome enthusiasts."

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Everything Theatre: 3some the play review - 3 Stars

"An interesting script with some very funny moments and a top performance from Lisa Gifford."

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West End Wilma: 3some the play review - 3 Stars

"If you’re looking for a relaxed evening with a few friends, some drinks and up for a laugh then I would recommend going to see this show."

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Broadway Baby: 3some the play review - 3 Stars

"When soon-to-be-married Paul and Jenny enter into a sexual encounter with best-friend Rob (following a few too many beverages), there are inevitable repercussions. 3some, at Camden's popular Etcetera theatre, is certainly climactic and the audience leave feeling satisfied (pardon the expression), which is more than can be said for the play’s characters. You might have guessed that 3some is about sex with its non-too illusive name, provocative publicity and 16+ rating, but far from the kinky, explicit romp that you might expect (or hope for), Lisa Gifford’s play boldly explores the darker, muddier realm of sexual politics."

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